Ricardo Muñoz

My current interests are focused primarily on the evolution of dwarf galaxies (particularly dwarf spheroidal galaxies) and their interactions with our Milky Way. My work involves observational and computational (N-body simulations) studies of these systems aimed at understanding the role that Galactic tides play in shaping their properties. Dwarf spheroidal galaxies are the faintest and possibly the darkest (most dark-matter dominated) kind of galaxies in the universe. Besides being interesting systems in their own right, they provide us with significant constraints on current cosmological models and can potentially teach us something about the nature of dark matter.



  • Investigador Postdoctoral, Universidad de Yale (Estados Unidos). 2011
  • Doctorado en Astronomía, Universidad de Virginia (Estados Unidos). 2008
  • Magíster en Astronomía, Universidad de Virginia (Estados Unidos). 2004
  • Ingeniería Civil Química, Universidad de Concepción (Chile). 2000


  • Premios
  • Membresías


  • Award for Excellence in Scholarship in the Sciences. University of Virginia (2007)
  • Premio Universidad de Concepción (2000)
  • Premio Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad de Concepción (2000)



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