Gerrit van der Plas

I have investigated the surface of ProtoPlanetary (PP) disks around Herbig Ae/Be (HAEBE) stars via different gas emission lines that each trace a different physical (temperature, pressure, radiation field) regime. HAEBE stars are the more massive (1.5 - 8 solar mass) siblings of the solar type T Tauri pre main sequence stars.

Right now I am diversifying my research in to different mass ranges and wavelength regimes in the hope to get to an as complete as possible understanding about the evolution of PP disks and the subsequent planet formation process.


  • Beta Gamma Propedeuse Astrophysics and Political Science. 2000-2001: (University of Amsterdam) 
  • Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Astronomy. (University of Amsterdam)
  • Master’s degree in Astronomy. 2001 - 2006: (University of Amsterdam)  
  • Ph.D. on Warm Gas in Proto Planetary Disks under the supervision of Dr. M. van den Ancker at ESO and Prof. Dr. L.B.F.M Waters and Prof. Dr. C. Dominik at the University of Amsterdam. Ph.D. awarded on December 7th 2010. (2006-2010) (ESO Garching bei München and University of Amsterdam)




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  • ESO studentship (2006 – 2008)


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