Maren Hempel

My work focusses on globular clusters and globular cluster systems, both within the Milky Way and extragalactic. Using photometric data I am interested in resolving the stellar populations within a given galaxy and hence to contrain the forma- tion and evolution of this galaxy. To do so I have developed a photometric method, combined with Monte-Carlo simulations, to derive the cumulative age distribution within a globular cluster system, using combined optical and near infrared photom- etry. At PUC I am member of the Vista Variable Survey in the Via Lactea (PI: Dante Minniti). My main interest lies in the near-infrared photometry of 36 galactic globular clusters, which will be used to constrain the accuracy and its limits of the photometric age estimates.


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Prestigious Fellowship de la National Science Foundation South Africa (1999 y 2000)

Departamento de Astronomía
Univesidad de Chile

Instituto de Astrofísica
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Departamento de Astronomía
Universidad de Concepción
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